5 reasons why you should become a locum doctor

Locum Doctor, 5 reasons why you should consider it

locum doctor

5 reasons why you should become a locum doctor

1) Flexibility and Independence

One of the benefits of working as a Locum Doctor is the fantastic flexibility and independence that it offers you. It provides general practitioners who work as a locum, with the opportunity to completely manage and organise their workload, so that you can tailor it around when and where you want to practice.

For example, doctors who work as locums, don’t have to ask permission to take time off for holidays or appointments.  Locums work can really give you a flexible lifestyle so doctors can enjoy the fruits of their labour – many doctors work for a set number of months and then have the same time again off work, for example a three month placement followed by three months off. However, if you need some extra money one month, you can simply up the number of shifts you work.

2) Locum Doctors work where they want and see new places.

As a locum doctor, you can also control where you work, so if they weren’t that fond of particular practices or locations, they are under no pressure to go there ever again.

We have doctors on our platform who love the sun and they would work in Tasmania during the summer in the Northern Territories during the winter. Imaging, a whole year of sunshine.

3) Get paid more for doing the same job.

General Practitioners who work short assignments, also receive higher hourly rates than if they were settled in a more long term role. Especially if they find work through a platform like The Locum Shop. This is because doctors don’t receive sick pay, holiday pay or pension plans. In most locum positions you would also be offered travel allowance, accommodation and car hire.

4) Say goodbye to the stresses of bureaucracy

Doctors who do locum work, can also say goodbye to the stresses of bureaucracy that are part of any business or organisation. Locum work allows doctors to practice medicine without, in large part, much of the administrative angst.

5) Continues upskilling

If doctors are studying for their Fellowship or even for a specialist courses (Etc. Skin Cancer, Emergency,…). They can even do special ‘Locum Appointment for Training’ placements, where an Educational Supervisor is assigned and training opportunities are provided throughout their time there. Part time locum work would enable you to divide your time between any hobbies and activities you are already committed to, as well as continue in your medical career successfully.

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