5 Ways to Build Effective Talent Pools

Candidate pool

5 Ways to Build Effective Talent Pools

Why would you build Effective Talent Pools?

Most of our clients are stuck in reaction mode for so long, that their state of constant catch-up becomes the normal mode of operation.

Clients who take their department from reactive to proactive are building talent pools to stay ahead of talent needs. Talent pools act as sort of a queue line for recruitment teams as they are comprised of potential candidates that best suit the employer’s needs.

Building a talent pool is an effective way for recruiters to ensure a constant flow of candidates is available if needed.

Effective Talent Pools

Tip 1: Invest in an applicant tracking system

When you post a job, you’ll generally get a huge volume of responses. The applicant tracking system will pare these down to those qualified for the position. Once you pare these down a little further to the most qualified, you can find someone to fill the position.

But those other highly qualified applicants that you didn’t hire go into your talent pool. You can sort candidates via job title, qualification, region or any specific requirement unique to your business. This can shorten your recruiting time on future job openings and in the future could save you a lot of expensive recruitment fees!

The Locum Shop offers a free internal ATS system and recommends following partners JobAdder, Bullhorn, and Greenhouse. However, you might double check if there are any add-ons on your current CRM.


Tip 2: Dedicate time to network

You must set aside ample time to search for qualified applicants that meet position current or future requirements. Utilize networking events, our job board, current employees to seek out top talent in your industry and to also view who’s searching for a job.

At the same time, make sure your company is represented as an engaging brand on social media so that you can help attract top talent.

Set aside a regular time each week to catch up with potential candidates that might be a fit for your company. Keep your notes in your ATS system, so you know exactly which candidates to approach when your job opening comes through.


Tip 3: Be Efficient with your efficient talent pools

If you have a special project you need to complete within your organization, you can assign it to a key employee and backfill their position temporarily with a locum.

This will allow you to develop your key employee, keep them motivated in their job, giving them a chance to try something different and also train someone to handle their day to day responsibilities.

You also get the added bonus of trying out potential hires and prevent a future hiring crisis.


Effective Talent Pools


Tip 4: Run a graduate training program

For the company, the graduate recruitment program is an important strategic objective aimed at developing the graduate to effectively contribute to the achievement of company goals and at the same time maintain long-term workforce needs.

Companies structure the program to run over 1 – 2 years so that successful candidates will be able to experience all the different areas or services that make up the whole of the organization. At the conclusion of the program, candidates are usually given the opportunity to decide which area they would prefer to continue their employment in.

We have several clients who run successful graduate programs and often receive high-quality referrals from former graduates.

Tip 5: Run a consistent recruitment email marketing campaign

Email marketing can target specific candidates and groups of candidates based on their demographics and behavior. And it doesn’t just engage them once or twice when they happen upon your site; it delivers content to their inbox and “nurtures” them, step-by-step, towards building a relationship with your company and in the end become part of your effective talent pools.

As marketers build lead databases, target and re-engage customers, and work to make the sale, recruiters build talent pipelines, seek to continually engage talent, and encourage them to apply.

To summarize:

  1. Invest in an applicant tracking system
  2. Dedicate time to network
  3. Be Efficient with your efficient talent pools
  4. Run a graduate training program
  5. Run a consistent recruitment email marketing campaign


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