5 Ways you can find a good doctor between all your applications

Recruit a good doctor

5 Ways you can find a good doctor between all your applications

Below you will find 5 useful tips of how to find a suitable doctor for your medical practice.

Tip 1) Check the General Practitioner’s registration and background:

This tip might be a quite obvious one, however, you would be surprised how many recruiters don’t check out the background of a general practitioner that they are representing. You should always double check if the doctor has ever been sued for malpractice or have any outstanding legal issues. For Australian doctors, you can find this by going to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency web site and typing in the medical professional’s name. They will tell you if there are any suits in the past or pending.

It will also tell you where they went to school, and how long they’ve been in practice and also which registration they currently hold (Limited, General or Specialist Registration).  It’s also worth to check online and check the doctor’s patient reviews.

Tip 2) Focus on the motivations of the prospective doctor

A mistake we see a lot of our clients making is that they would like to hire any doctor who comes through the door and many of our clients are losing business because there is no doctor in place.

However, imaging how much of your reputation and thus business you could lose by hiring the wrong general practitioner.

When select interviewing a doctor it’s essential that you focus on the real reasons of the doctor searching for a new position. When you know these reasons, you should evaluate if your practice can accommodate and solve your candidate’s issues. The other way is as important. You should analyse your own requirements, the real reason why you are looking for a specific doctor, what you are looking into this doctor and finally if the doctor can accommodate those requirements.

Recruit a good doctor

Tip 3) Does the medical practitioner show empathy?

Research has shown that patients who feel that their doctor has made a genuine empathetic connection – an attempt to understand how they feel and how their condition is affecting their everyday life – will actually experience a reduction in pain.

If a patient feels they are being cared for by the right doctor who has taken an interest in their well-being, their body will suppress their awareness of the pain and they will experience a faster recovery.

Conversely, the stress of having a bad doctor who doesn’t show an interest can actually prolong the patient’s suffering. Empathy is a very powerful thing and is an essential part of any doctor’s bedside manner. Summary of this tip -> If a GP has an empathetic connection, the patient will be trusted with his GP and thus recommend this particular doctor and in the end your practice.

Tip 4) Let Them Interact with your Current team

If you provide your doctors with admin and nursing support, it’s essential that the cultural fit is right. You should let doctors interact with your medical staff. This doesn’t have to be anything formal. In fact, you could offer to show them around the office after the interview (which just so happens to be during a lunch break) and leave them in the kitchen area with a couple of your staff members for 5 to 10 minutes. You will know within minutes how GP’s react with your staff and if you should consider digging a bit deeper in the doctor’s background.

Tip 5) Check latest certifications and courses

The medicine industry is changing all the time and it’s important that your doctors are prepared to keep up to date with new findings, innovative research and emerging theories at all times.  Even once doctors have graduated, they shouldn’t stop learning.

Whilst it isn’t a must to have every single Australian Certification, doctors who do attend courses are more likely to research and thus use best practice of medicine.

To summarise:

  • Tip 1) Check the General Practitioner’s registration and background:
  • Tip 2) Focus on the motivations of the prospective applicant
  • Tip 3) Does the doctor show empathy?
  • Tip 4) Let Them Interact with your Current team
  • Tip 5) Check latest certifications and courses

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